If you haven´t downloaded your theme from the OsClass Marketplace follow the next steps:

First install all the plugins that came with your theme package, make sure all plugins are installed before attempting to install the theme.

To install your plugins please refer to the "How to install OsClass plugins manually" tutorial, follow all the steps for every plugin in your theme package.

Once all the plugins are installed is time to install your new theme, for that please refer to the "How to manually install OsClass themes", again make sure to follow all the steps.

If all was done right, your theme is now installed and ready to use.

Lz theme One comes with our most advanced plugin, the Lz theme Options wich aprovides you many configuration options for your theme right in your admin panel, is now time to make use of it´s many options to customize your theme and make it more like you and or your company.

To learn more about the Lz Theme Options and how to use it please refere to the "Customizing your Lz OsClass theme apperance with Lz Theme Options" tutorial.

Hope this information helped you during all the process, if you still have questions please open a ticket here and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

More information and tutorials about Lz Theme One.