Manual installation


In this tutorial i will teach you how to manually install any theme on OsClass 3+ platform.

About Osclass

Osclass is a php script that allows you to quickly create and manage your own free classifieds site. Using this script, you can provide free advertising for items for sale, real estate, jobs, cars...



  • OsClass installed and configured
  • Theme zip file
  • FTP client ( Filezilla is a free one )

Finding new themes


  • Forums do OsClass

          Here you will find many free and paid third party themes.

  • Google

          A good old search in google can help you find more themes.

01 - Where to install?


Unzip your plugin .zip file in the following folder:

{path to my website}/oc-content/themes/

01 - Go to your admin panel


Normally located at http://{my website url}/oc-admin

02 - Go to "Apearance/Themes"





06 - Find your theme on the list



07 - Click "Activate"



06 - All done!


Easy hum? Now you can try many diferent free and paid themes available on the web for Osclass platform.


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